The Kiss of Death: Aminopyralid Contamination

Composted Elephant Manure is no longer available to the public through this website/channel/project.  In the past, we were reasonably certain that the compost was very clean -the farmer who supplied upwards of 90% of the hay for the elephants confirmed that it (primarily Timothy Grass) was Grazon free.  This was further confirmed by our own scientific trials and by the fact that no one ever reported any problems that resembled Aminopyralid damage to their crops.  Unfortunately, this farmer -the primary supplier- recently sold/downsized/converted his hay fields (converting them to watermelon production).  Also, the current drought in Florida decreased his hay yield substantially.

The drought has not only affected this farmer’s hay production.  It has affected many hay producers in the area -causing shortages and business changes.  These circumstances have forced elephant ranchers (and other livestock owners) to “scramble” to find hay, making it virtually impossible for us at this point to track the source of the hay these animals ingest.  The chances that the animals will eat hay in the future contaminated with killer pesticides has thus increased substantially.  Moving forward, we can no longer be reasonably certain that the compost will be consistently “clean.”

We will continue to scientifically experiment with the compost, but sadly it is no longer available to the public through this website/channel/project.   Please subscribe/Like us for updates on our future research.

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