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How Much Compost do I Need?

Quantities are in Cubic Yards.  This chart will give you a very rough estimate of how far your compost product will go.  This chart is for reference only, and is intended to help provide a baseline for you to determine how much you may need.

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Elephant’s Diet

These elephants eat seasonally.  Their diet is composed mostly (90%) of locally sourced Coastal, Oat, and Timothy grasses.  Three percent of their diet comes from on-site  bamboo, bananas, pumpkins, forage, and elephant grass.  5% of their food comes from donated fruit and veggies, including beet pulp.  1 percent comes from grain, cracked corn, and bread.  […]

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Benefits of Composted Elephant Manure

Very clean compost Superior Nitrogen Content Good for Gardens, Elephants, and the Environment No Growth Hormones No Prions MircoNutrient Rating Bioactive Never Sterilized or Pastuerized No Industrial Processing Open Air Facility (may contain leaves, pine-needles, ect.) No  Slaughterhouse Byproducts No Scheduled or Routine Drugs Natural Diet Compost is Aged between 1-3 Years No Supporting CAFO […]

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